Ever since she was a little girl, Jessica has loved pretty things.  She loved collecting them - scouring yard sales for glittery treasures with her father and rummaging though her grandmother's closet for beautiful vintage gowns.  And she loved making them - fashioning elaborate costumes for her and her sister out of colorful fabric scraps and creating her own line of greeting cards at the age of ten (her mother was her best customer!).

Jessica's creativity and love for all things pretty, floral, and vintage continues to this day.  As an artist, designer, and author of the blog, Such Pretty Things, Jessica is fortunate to have the opportunity to "do" what she truly loves.

This shop is intended be a place for Jessica to share lots and lots of pretty things…from vintage craft supplies to home décor to jewelry to cake-decorating supplies to one-of-a-kind vintage finds.  So, please be sure to check back often, as you will always be sure to find such pretty things…

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